Once Again, Alabama Judge Rules E – Bingo Legal ; Alabama Bingo

Once again a circuit court judge in Alabama has ruled that county’s bingo amendment protects electronic bingo games that are played in local casinos, and that the Alabama Attorney General’s office must return 825 bingo machines it confiscated during a 2010 raid.

Judge Houston Brown, a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge ruled that Greene County’s 2003 constitutional amendment legalizing bingo in that county was the first of its kind and the only one to define bingo using the terms “electronic device” and “electronic marking device.”

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“Based upon the great weight of the evidence, which was largely undisputed by the state, the court finds that the games at issue were and are authorized by amendment 743 (Greene County),” Brown wrote in his ruling.

Additionally, Brown wrote that expert testimony during the case proved that the electronic bingo games in question met the bingo test laid out by the state Supreme Court in its 2009 “Cornerstone” ruling.  ….read original article

“The decision today by a judge specially appointed by the Alabama Supreme Court finally decides once and for all that Amendment 743 means what it says: electronic bingo is legal in Greene County,” said GreeneTrack CEO Luther “Nat” Winn. “Attorney General Strange should honor that decision. Strange has no grounds for an appeal. He did not offer a single shred of evidence to dispute that Amendment 743 means what it says.  He did not offer a single witness with any knowledge about Amendment 743 or the operation of these games.”

Strange’s office apparently has no intention of letting the ruling stand. In a statement, Strange said Brown’s ruling “ignores the law as made crystal clear by the Alabama Supreme Court as recently as March 31.”

Strange said his office will file a motion to stay Brown’s order and file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Brown noted in his ruling that the state presented only a “lay expert” to counter the testimony of GreeneTrack’s expert witnesses, and that when questioned, the state’s expert admitted that he would find the games illegal even if they met every standard laid out in the Cornerstone ruling.


The Cornerstone requirements include games are played on cards, numbers be randomly drawn, players physically mark their cards, players play against each other and announce their wins. Brown wrote that GreeneTrack’s expert witnesses were able to prove that the games in question met each of those requirements, even if done so electronically.

But most important to Brown in deciding the case was the language of Greene County’s amendment and the legislative and voter intent involved in creating the amendment.

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North Carolina Company Suing State for Unlawfully Seizing Swill Games

prereveal gamesSupported By 20+ Court Victories Supporting “Skill Game” ArgumentGame of Swill

NORTH CAROLINA —-– A Burlington company’s lawsuit points to a legal tangle touching on a Mebane “sweepstakes” parlor and lawsuit against the state. Mighty Enterprises LLC sued GPP Investments LLC and its managers Brian Weber and Ken Fletcher over $37,530 in gaming equipment plus $10,000 in damages in Alamance County Superior Court in May…read more

Weber told the Times-News the equipment had been returned and he expected the suit to be withdrawn soon. Mighty Enterprises’ lawyer Benjamin Overby of the Vernon Law Firm did not comment on the suit’s status. Weber said he originally was leasing computers and software from Crazie Overstock Promotions LLC, but had to change in February…..read more

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In February, the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement charged the owners of Overstock Galore and More in Mebane including Kimberly Wilson, former captain with the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office with having sweepstakes machines in violation of state gambling laws. Crazie Overstock also supplied much of the equipment the Mebane operation was using and it is now suing ALE saying the software and games its customers use are games of skill (aka Swill Games) not chance, and ALE has damaged its business and reputation by calling them games of chance.


In the Name of Education, and $3.6 Billion, Ohio Launches New Keno Game

The Ohio Lottery Commission spent over 15 million to launch close to 1000 gaming terminals featuring keno, just years after calling similar games that were operating in internet cafes “illegal.”internet cafes

The games went online Monday

At the Tiger Pub, patrons are playing Quick Keno, which allows players to pick their numbers at a rapid pace, then watch their personal Keno drawing.

Bars, bowling alleys and other locations with high Keno sales are targeted for the new generation of terminals.

Partially fueled by video lottery terminals at racinos, the Ohio Lottery posted a record $3.6 billion in sales last fiscal year, producing a record $990 million contribution to K-12 schools.

NC Video Games Back On

Bob Patel, Patel Investment Group

Bob Patel, Patel Investment Group

In May of 2016, North Carolina Law Enforcement (ALE) seized more than 300 video gaming machines that were thought to be illegal gambling devices defined by North Carolina statues. TEXT “INFO” TO (980) 643-8647 FOR INFO ON SWILL GAMES

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Are Swill Games Considered Gambling Devices Defined by North Carolina Statues ?

Are Swill Games Considered Gambling Devices Defined by North Carolina Statues ?

In granting the temporary restraining order, Onslow County Superior Court Judge Ebern Watson wrote, “There is a likelihood that plaintiffs will prevail on the merits of their claims for declaratory judgment and permanent injunctive relief.” That hearing on permanent injunctive is set for Aug. 8.….READ MORE TEXT “INFO” TO (980) 643-8647 FOR INFO ON SWILL GAMES

on May 16th, Swill type games won a temporary restraining order against ALE.

on May 16th, “Swill” type games won a temporary restraining order against ALE.





A Swill Video Game combines skill and a sweepstakes type game

A Swill Video Game combines skill and a sweepstakes type game





……The “skill or dexterity” comes because players have to move icons up or down on the screen and attempt to make winning combinations — for instance they may get two 7s in a row and have to move the third 7 up or down to complete the row. Winners can result in cash payouts, and no matter what happens they retain the gift card for the website. …READ MORE


Is the ND Educational Lottery launching their own poker machines ?

Is the ND Educational Lottery launching their own poker machines ?



Alabama Bingo News : Legislature Goes Home

The Latest Alabama Bingo News :

The Alabama Legislature adjourned sine die on May 4, 2016, (read original) without adopting gaming measures which could have shored up its beleaguered budgets. Alabama’s general fund budget, chronically beset by inadequate funding for Medicaid and Corrections, was adopted in this same session over Governor Bentley’s veto even though it left a projected $85 million shortfall in Medicaid alone.

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The Legislature failed to act on two lottery bills, both proposing to amend Alabama’s anti-lottery law, Art. IV § 65, Alabama Constitution of 1901. HB10 would have authorized a statewide lottery and directed the proceeds to the education budget to fund college scholarships while SB19 would have simply authorized a state lottery without designating where the proceeds would be directed. Neither measure even advanced to the floor of their respective house.

Meanwhile, legislators also failed to adopt measures that would have authorized the play of electronic bingo in Macon and Greene Counties. Both bills, HB419 and SB320, proposed amendments to the local constitutional amendments authorizing the play of charitable bingo in those counties. The legislation would specifically permit electronic bingo for charity in those counties consistent with the types of electronic games permitted by IGRA.  This would have clarified the long-running dispute between operators in Greene and Macon County over electronic bingo and the legal disparity between the machines permitted by IGRA in Alabama’s Poarch Creek tribal jurisdictions versus those permitted by Alabama law, as interpreted by the Supreme Court of Alabama. There is thus no resolution on the horizon to this contentious and troublesome issue.

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As expected, the Supreme Court of Alabama released its decision during the legislative session on March 31, 2016, in the forfeiture action involving Victoryland in Macon County. The Court once again effectively declared electronic bingo illegal in Alabama in reversing the trial court’s order which found that Victoryland had been selectively prosecuted. The net result of the decision, along with Governor Bentley’s legal problems stemming from an inappropriate relationship with a female member of his staff, likely have ended immediate plans to reintroduce electronic bingo at Victoryland. Victoryland owner, Milton McGregor, and local Macon County officials have for months announced imminent plans to reopen in Macon County under the authority of Governor Bentley’s previously issued Executive Order No. 13. Given the uncertainty stemming from the pending  impeachment proceeding involving Governor Bentley, as well as the recent Court decision, many machine vendors are understandably reluctant to once again test the waters in Alabama.

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Any Compliant Games Left in North Carolina ?

The Cape Fear region saw 18 businesses raided by a statewide sting on video gaming machines.

N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement agents seized hundreds of illegal machines, cocaine and more than $1 million in cash in the raid code-named “Cannonball.” No arrests were made, a release said

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Yellow crime-scene tape stretched across the two entrances to EPCO 3-Way Food Mart at Dunn and Murphy roads in Eastover, the lone spot targeted in Cumberland County. Similar scenes played out from the mountains to the coast at 115 locations raided by ALE agents, the release said.

Lawmen from the sheriff’s offices in Cumberland, Robeson, Scotland and Moore counties, and the Sanford Police Department assisted ALE agents in the Cape Fear region. Five businesses were raided in Robeson County, one in Scotland, three in Sanford and nine in Moore County, six of which had addresses in Southern Pines.

“The raids today are a wake-up call to businesses that provide illegal video gaming,” Mark Senter said in the release. He leads the headquarters office in Raleigh.

ALE agents interacted with illegal gaming machines at all of the 115 locations that were a part of the operation. One location in Robeson County was raided solely by the Sheriff’s Office, the release said.

north carolina gaming solutions

Most of the locations held permits with both the ABC Commission and N.C. Education Lottery, the release added. Complaints from residents and law enforcement officers triggered the selection of businesses to raid.

In Eastover at the EPCO, two illegal gaming machines were seized. Two lawmen wheeled the machines out on a dolly, in two trips, and loaded them into the back of a U-Haul truck.

Several people turned into the parking lot, asking what was happening and if everyone was OK. Cumberland County Sheriff Moose Butler said in a news release that he believes the county will be better off without the machines.

Butler has been one of North Carolina’s most ardent gambling opponents over the years.

“I strongly support and will endeavor to work jointly with ALE and other law enforcement agencies in this operation in the ongoing efforts to enforce the gambling laws of North Carolina,” Butler said. “I commend these agencies for their unwavering devotion in the face of an industry and individuals who continually without hesitation violate or attempt to find some type of loophole to evade these laws.”


North Carolina HB 922, the Sweepstakes Bill and “Swill Games”


Sweepstakes Games Go Dark ; Swill Games Light Up

North Carolina Bill May Introduce Video Lottery Type Game in NC

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In addition to the anticipated bill regulating electronic sweepstakes promotions that was filed by Representative Harry Warren (R-Rowan), Representative Chris Malone (R-Wake) also filed a major piece of legislation today that will regulate and tax internet cafés. switchMalone’s bill clarifies the law regarding internet cafés by regulating and taxing these small businesses. The bill als

ensures that all café owners are required to be approved for an operator’s license by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. A vendor’s license will also be required for all software vendors. “Small business owners in North Carolina deserve a high degree of certainty and consistency in their interactions with state government and local law enforcement,” said Representative Malone. “This bill creates a more positive business environment for entrepreneurs who choose

Get Your Games Converted and Stay Compliant

The Game Changes More Frequent Than The Law

to open and operate internet cafés in North Carolina. The positive economic impact and government revenues these businesses generate are assets to our state.” Former Senator Thom Goolsby, spokesman for the North Carolina Small Business Coalition, said, “The introduction of Representative Malone’s legislation signifies a new beginning in the relationship hb 922between state government and internet café owners. With thousands of good, private sector jobs on the line, it is certainly time to regulate, tax and support these small businesses, just as we would any other industry.”

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What Are Swill Games ?

The Ever Changing Colors of Gaming in North Carolina

KINSTON, N.C. –Democratic State Representative George Graham wants to understand why the sweepstakes laws aren’t being enforced in Lenoir County.He plans to

Swill Game Routes Available

Swill Game Routes Available

meet with Lenoir County leaders to discuss his concerns on why sweepstakes cafes operating in the county after lawmakers passed a law banning them in 2010.


“If they are operating and they are in compliance with the law, then I don’t have a problem with it,” says Rep. Graham, who represents the county.

Major Ryan Dawson of the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office said the District Attorney concluded that since the games have a “Pre-Reveal” function which tell a player before he plays if they’re going to win a prize then “its not a game of chance because . “You know what the end result is going to be.”

What are Swill Games ?

What are Swill Games ?

Five people were arrested for operating video poker machines in a Pink Hill home based on that same argument. Since video poker machines do not have a “pre-reveal” feature, they’re basedon the concept of “chance” which is part of  the definition of gambling, Dawson said

Not a Swill Game

Not a Swill Game

Pitt and Onslow county cracked down on sweepstakes parlors, interpreting the law to state sweepstakes are a game of chance. Operators in those counties have begun to convert to the new type of “Swill Games” which is said to combine sweepstakes and skill based games.

Major Dawson said the current law is too open for interpretation which is why his office wants lawmakers to clarify it.

Get Swill Games

Get Swill Games

“If you can eliminate that when you’re writing the laws, then it will help eliminate a lot of the fiasco that comes after it,” he said.

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PreReveal Skill Games