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New North Carolina Bill Would Regulate and Tax Internet Cafes

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Bill Introduced Would Regulate and Tax Internet Cafes

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Rep Harry Warren Filed a Bill To Regulate Internet Cafes

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Will It Gain More Sponsors ?

In addition to the anticipated bill regulating electronic sweepstakes promotions that was filed by Representative Harry Warren (R-Rowan), Representative Chris Malone (R-Wake) also filed a major piece of legislation today that will regulate and tax internet cafés.
Malone’s bill clarifies the law regarding internet cafés by regulating and taxing these small businesses. The bill also ensures that all café owners are required to be approved for an operator’s license by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. A vendor’s license will also be required for all software vendors.

“Small business owners in North Carolina deserve a high degree of certainty and consistency in their interactions with state government and local law enforcement,” said Representative Malone. “This bill creates a more positive business environment for entrepreneurs who choose to open and operate internet cafés in North Carolina. The positive economic impact and government revenues these businesses generate are assets to our state.”

Former Senator Thom Goolsby, spokesman for the North Carolina Small Business Coalition, said, “The introduction of Representative Malone’s legislation signifies a new beginning in the relationship between state government and internet café owners. With thousands of good, private sector jobs on the line, it is certainly time to regulate, tax and support these small businesses, just as we would any other industry.”