The Skill Game Sweepstakes: Year 8

Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Police Department’s crackdown on sweepstakes businesses that are not compliant with North Carolina’s electronic gaming law may begin enforcement as soon as today. Lawmakers banned a similar game in Dec 2010.

In November and December of last year the department informed approximately 55 local operators of “sweepstakes rooms” that as early as Mar 1st police would begin enforcing the state’s ban of non-compliant games.cropped-THE-REAL-PRErEVEAL-940X240.jpg

The majority of sweepstakes operators within Greensboro city limits planned to close this morning and most said they would receive a “game update” that would keep them “legal and within the law with a pre-reveal with skill game software” others are eyeing legal options that look “very promising” said Jay Patel who owns Sweeps on the Triad near Greensboro Hwy.

“The new games do not break the law, the games involve skill and dexterity” said Patel, who owns 2 convenience stores, a smoke shop and a coin laundry. “They spend so much banning games and what people do with their own time and money that they could tax it and give the proceeds to the schools or veterans or whoever”

The game maker of the pre-reveal skill games was not available for comment but recent court case victories seem to suggest that any game using skill and dexterity would not be a violation of law. 

“HB 547 has been sitting in committee for years, HB-547 ends this ‘whack-a-mole’ and begins generating revenue for the state, maybe instead of passing ban laws they should tax it and move on” Patel goes on to say.

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes Win Shakes Up Gaming World in North Carolina


The Real PreReveal

The Real PreReveal

Graham, NC –  After two-days of  trial, a jury found that a Burlington PreReveal sweepstakes cafe does not violate North Carolina’s sweepstakes or gambling laws.The jury deliberated for less than an hour Wednesday afternoonentertaining display before reaching verdicts on multiple issues, finding

that PreReveal sweepstakes are in compliance with state laws regarding electronic sweepstakes.

The civil complaint was brought against Burlington Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe in his capacity as police chief after previous Chief Mike Williams sent a letter to all sweepstakes businesses in March 2013 threatening legal action if they didn’t close.

Today’s verdict clearly shows that the jury agreed that the PreReveal sweepstakes software and business model

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

designed by are legal and suggest the company should be able to reopen and operate,.

Whether or not the City of Burlington will appeal the case is unknown. Charles Bateman Jr., who represented Smythe and the city, said he would have to confer with the Burlington City Council before a decision is reached.


Special Superior Court Judge Robinson Hassell of Guilford County is expected to enter judgments in the case at a later date.

Casey Rooks, a spokesperson for goes on to say “We have won multiple cases with PreReveal Sweepstakes and PreReveal Skill Games across the state and dozens of other places around the country, we’ve claimed from the beginning that our games stand up to the test and today we proved it again”

PreReveal Skill Games ; A Game of Skill

A ruling Nov. 18 by the N.C. Court of Appeals, which upheld a state statute banning video sweepstakes businesses, also introduced games that used skill and dexterity may not violate state statue.
PreReveal Skill Games


Gibsonville informs sweepstakes operators their games lack skill and therefore illegal.

New NC Games


NC Sweepstakes Games Evolving Into New Game of Skill

SALISBURY – New Pre-Reveal Skill Games have law enforcement shaking their head because they look exactly like the old ‘now banned sweepstakes games” with one catch, they’re  not. Salisbury entertaining displaypolice are starting to enforce the use of sweepstakes machines but would not comment on if the new ‘pre-reveal skill games’ were legal or not.  In a letter, the department gave businesses until the end of the year to cease operations or face possible prosecution.

Capt. Melonie Thompson with the Salisbury Police Department looks through a folder devoted to the sweepstakes investigation. She said undercover officers went into multiple internet cafes and what they found is against the law.

“It’s a game of chance. You’re pushing a button, you hope that you’re winning, and that’s what makes it illegal,” said Thompson.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld North Carolina General Statute 14-304.6 in 2012. That statute “bans the operation of electronic machines that conduct sweepstakes through the use of an ‘entertaining display.’” Rocky goes on to explainNC Skill Games 350x350 “the legality comes down to several factors, one, does the player enter the sweepstakes by use of entertaining display ? and two, is the prize shown by use of the entertaining display ? If so, then its illegal.”

“There’s not any specific thing that the letter states other than this broad spectrum of the statute has from 2010,” said Pruitt. “It’s devastating because you’re now looking at here at the holidays. Not only will I be out of work and not have a business but my staff.”

Ironically, counties across the state are catching up to the North Carolina Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the statute regarding sweepstakes that use entertaining displays but with the introduction of the new skill games it makes enforcement blurry and unclear. “If it’s gonna be on the books it should be spread across the entire state not pick and choose,” said Pruitt.

Entertainment Display Defined By State

According to the letter from police, businesses in violation of the statute will be charged with breaking the law on or after Jan. 1. The statute reads that it’s “illegal” to operate any computer game of chance associated with a price of “value.” That uses a “entertainment display”

“I just feel like right now Salisbury has enough crime and enough problems,” said Pruitt.